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Are you choosing convenience over health? Feed yourself insecurities? Let other people’s opinions run your life? Accept aches and pains just because some doctor says it's all normal? It ain’t.

This is The BS We Feed Ourselves

And it needs to stop.

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What’s the BS youre feeding yourself?


We're just not physically equipped to handle the amount of stress we put on ourselves these days and it has some big consequences. Learn how not to just cope, but how to banish burnout by eliminating the stress trapped in our bodies. 


The food industry is led by people who don't care about your health and a healthcare system that doesn't care about food. There's a reason so many are suddenly allergic to everyday foods. Find out what it is.


Guilt and negative thinking will do more harm than any piece of cake will ever do. Find out why your default is an ugly mental tirade every time you “screw up” and start treating yourself like you would other people: nicely.


Interviews with Wellness Experts

From New York Times best-sellers, world-renown specialists, to everyday people who have created award-winning movements, we're exploring why we're sick and how to heal.

Guests Dr Terry Wahls of The Wahls Protocol, Dr Steven Gundry of The Plant Paradox, Dr Sarah Ballentyne of the Paleo Mom, Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation, Gary Ware from Breakthrough Play, Gwen Dittmar Breathcoach, Philip Folsom of Wolf Tribe, and many more.

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Dr Terry Wahls
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        Explore All Episodes

        Reviews from the fans

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        Life-saving insight


        Shawna is the best person to give voice to our need to pay attention to our bodies and prioritize our health. Her experience, so vulnerably shared with the world in this podcast, makes me yell “Me too!” As I listen alone in my car. Her episodes are a mix of interviews with experts who help point the way to solutions, and experience and advice from her own life. I find the latter to be the most compelling and I hope future episodes bring more.

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        Feed on this podcast goodness

        Paperless Bride

        If you’re a Type A go-getter who’s starting to grapple with some unusual health issues or just feeling burnt out, give this podcast a listen. Shawna connects seemingly disparate dots between issues regarding health, working style and drive, and the internal thoughts and external foods we feed ourselves. These elements can nourish us or tear us down. Her knowledge is borne out of her own journey with, and recovery of, her health. Lastly, her authenticity, curiosity, and search for insights are a delight to listen to for anyone of like mind.

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        Lennia Gaston

        This definitely took me on an unexpected ride. The topic peeked my interest but as the show moved forward it continued to delve deeper and cause me to delve deeper into myself and ask some questions that I did not even think to ask. The way the host interviews is really effortless and allows for the guest to flow and does not hold them steadfast. I truly enjoyed the show and can’t wait for the next!

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