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Business Builder, Burnout Recovery Coach

Everything was going swimmingly in my professional life until my health took a nose-dive.

I discovered that I had multiple autoimmune issues that had been lurking for over a decade. Doctors and specialists had been overlooking or misdiagnosing them. And furthermore, most of them had been unknowingly self-induced. I did some deep research and, eventually, I learned how to get my health back on track naturally. But why was it so difficult, and why didn’t any of those doctors know how to help?

Then I had an a-ha moment: this was actually a marketing issue (my trained specialty)! Not enough people know about, or understand the true consequences of, burnout and or how to spot the signs along the way.

After I hit rock bottom, I bounced back with a mission: to create mass awareness around the BS we feed ourselves and its effects. How our negative thoughts, actions, and the food we eat are making us sick, and what we can do to overcome it in order to lead happy and healthy lives.

I hope you'll join me.


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