Shawna Bigby Davis Business and Health Coach

20-year branding and marketing expert,
7-figure business builder, woman entrepreneur, burnout recovery and autoimmune warrior

Hi, I'm Shawna

To tell you how I came to combine both health and business building, let me give you some background.

I am a serial entrepreneur with expertise in creative marketing and business management. I am the co-founder and former Executive Creative Director of a successful Venice-based creative marketing agency.

Prior to co-founding my own business, I was a Creative Director at TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles where I led efforts on repositioning Nissan and it’s cars on a global level, as well as rebranding Lucky Brand Jeans.

My unique creative vision has led to the creation of multiple awards, mentions and industry firsts for clients including Nike, Coke, Nissan, Lucky Brand Jeans, Riot Games, Sutter Home, Zoetis, Found Animals, UCLA and Munchkin and more.

My work has been cited by numerous press outlets, including AdAge, Fast Company, Adweek, Creativity and AdCritic in addition to all the major industry award shows including Cannes Lions, The One Show, Addys, Communication Arts and Clios.

Outside of coaching life, I am on a quest of learning and healing from autoimmune diseases, for both myself and mentoring others.

  • Serial Entrepreneur with a Design-focused Mindset
  • Award-winning Executive Creative Director
  • Public Speaker
  • Autoimmune and Wellness Advocate
  • Women Founders Network Board Member
  • Club Harmony Global Board Member
  • LV Fire Relief pop-up relief fund Co-founder and Organizer
  • Proud momma and Las Virgenes School District PFA Board Member
  • Recognized by the City of Agoura Hills and Las Virgenes School District as a community leader and contributor of good during the Woolsey Fires
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Everything was going swimmingly in my professional life until my health took a nose-dive.

I discovered that I had multiple autoimmune issues that had been lurking for over a decade. Doctors and specialists had been overlooking or misdiagnosing them. And furthermore, most of them had been unknowingly self-induced. I did some deep research and, eventually, I learned how to get my health back on track naturally. But why was it so difficult, and why didn’t any of those doctors know how to help?

Then I had an a-ha moment: this was actually a marketing issue! Not enough people know about or understand autoimmune issues. After I hit rock bottom, I bounced back with a mission: to create mass awareness around the BS we feed ourselves and its effects. How our negative thoughts, actions, and the food we eat are making us sick, and what we can do to overcome it in order to lead happy and healthy lives.

I hope you'll join me.


What Coaching Means to Me

My brilliance is seeing YOUR brilliance. 

I pride myself on not only being a visionary, but I'm also extremely practical. I want you to get the step by step process to achieve REAL freedom in your business and life.

Coaching, for me, is looking for the magic in a person and re-presenting it to them. It's playing to people's greatness. It's also tapping into their weaknesses and helping them get over those. Or, like jiujitsu, showing a person how to leverage them. It's also pushing someone slightly beyond their limiting beliefs to get them to more.

Not only am I a dedicated partner, I am someone who understands the nuances of business building, marketing, and burnout recovery.

I want someone to hold you to a high bar. One with stretch goals and deadlines that encourage you to be the best version of yourself. I'd be honored if that person was me.

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Why Business Building

Being a 20-year veteran in the fields of branding, advertising and design, I’ve worked with clients ranging from Fortune 100 and 500 companies to mid-sized and start-up organizations. I started my career working for the largest ad agency in the world, TBWA\Chiat\Day, and have since helped create digital products that millions of people across the world use on a daily basis; curating campaigns for high-caliber global brands including Nissan, Lucky Brand Jeans, League of Legends, Munchkin, Nike and Coca Cola.

As a proud board member of the Women Founders Network, I am passionate about using my experience to help ambitious female entrepreneurs achieve success and independence through access to capital, visibility, and mentorship to build their business.

Building my own successful companies from the ground up has given me a unique understanding of the struggles faced by small business owners.

Thanks to my extensive work experience with large scale campaigns, I am able to tailor the branding and advertising techniques of multi-million dollar corporations to suit a restricted budget.

If there’s one thing I’m particularly skilled at, it is monetizing a great business idea. With my program, you will learn my tried and tested techniques to materialize and cultivate your vision step by step.

Let's get wellthy, together 

Health-Conscious Business Coaching For Entrepreneurs 

I work with entrepreneurs to unlock mindset roadblocks, craft personal wellness plans, and create a business roadmap so you can get back to feeling like yourself again—or even better.

"Shawna is special. She takes the time to reflect on what is consuming us with a heavy sadness and then breaks it down so we can better understand, versus just feeling the weight of it all. Then she provides actionable steps to move forward. I'm so grateful to have her as my coach."

—Tracy Brown, CEO of Priya Apotheca, Private Coaching Client 

Your best life awaits

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