Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal.


Burnout isn’t always obvious. Most likely you’ve learned to dismiss or normalize these symptoms. If you recognize two or more of the following, it’s time to discover where you’re at on the burnout scale.

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Emotionally Overwhelmed

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Little to No Motivation

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Heightened Anxiety

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Easily Triggered

Any of these classic burnout symptoms look familiar? It's time to take note. Hanging out in burnout for too long can lead to chronic illness and disease. Ready to go from Burnout to Balanced? Let’s go.

Shawna Bigby Davis, Burnout & Autoimmune Recovery Coach

Hi, I’m Shawna

Everything was going swimmingly in my personal and professional life until my health took a nose-dive.

I had built the business and life of my dreams. By all outward signs, I was thriving. Internally, I was dying. Then I discovered that I had multiple autoimmune issues that had been lurking for over a decade. Doctors and specialists had been overlooking or misdiagnosing them. And furthermore, most of them had been unknowingly self-induced. I did some deep research and, eventually, I learned how to get my health back on track naturally. But why was it so difficult, and why didn’t any of those doctors know how to help?

Then I had an a-ha moment. Learn more about it here.



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“You have changed my life. Your inspiration for me has altered my course, challenged my notions of who I am and what I offer, and quite possibly up-leveled my entire career. Yes, I am doing the hard work and have a hand in it, but you started this. I will be forever grateful, you wonderful human.”

—Shannon Ewing, Mastermind member


The BS We Feed Ourselves

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From New York Times best-sellers, world renown specialists, and people who have created award-winning movements, we're exploring why we're sick and how to heal.

Guests include Dr Terry Wahls of The Wahls Protocol, Dr Steven Gundry of The Plant Paradox, Dr Sarah Ballentyne of the Paleo Mom, Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation, Gary Ware from Breakthrough Play, Gwen Dittmar Breathcoach, Philip Folsom of Wolf Tribe, and many more.

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