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In this #hustlehard world, how you doing?

Hi, I’m Shawna

I teach the overworked, overstretched and overstressed the ways we're sabotaging ourselves, how to avoid burnout, and how to get healthy.

I start with The BS We Feed Ourselves—the negative thoughts, actions, and foods that are making us sick, then give you tools to feed yourself better. 

Let's get started.

Shawna Bigby Davis, Speaker at PaleoFX
Support for the Stressed

Support for the Stressed

Recognize, prevent, and recover from burnout

We always hear that stress is bad for us, but it's usually fairly general. Here I get specific on causes and tools to recover.

Let's De-stress
Build without Burnout

Build without Burnout

For entrepreneurs & those in the C-suite

Being healthy sounds all well and good, but what happens when rubber meets the road and you need a plan to keep on track? I got you. 

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Build without Burnout Series

The No BS Guide
to Surviving Covid-19

Stressed about your business and feeling a little frozen? Grab my FREE 17 page guide packed with ideas, inspiration, and action to take TODAY.

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"You have changed my life. Your inspiration for me has altered my course, challenged my notions of who I am and what I offer, and quite possibly up-leveled my entire career. Yes, I am doing the hard work and have a hand in it, but you started this. I will be forever grateful, you wonderful human."

—Shannon Ewing, Mastermind member


The BS We Feed Ourselves

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Season 1: Interviews with Wellness Experts

From New York Times best-sellers, world renown specialists, and people who have created award-winning movements, we're exploring why we're sick and how to heal.

Guests Dr Terry Wahls of The Wahls Protocol, Dr Steven Gundry of The Plant Paradox, Dr Sarah Ballentyne of the Paleo Mom, Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation, Gary Ware from Breakthrough Play, Gwen Dittmar Breathcoach, Philip Folsom of Wolf Tribe, and many more.

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Dr Terry Wahls
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