You are strong. You are resourceful. You are resilient.

I also know right now it might feel really hard. That's why I made this guide for you. 

The No BS, Build without Burnout, Survival Guide that supports you and your business through these very new and stress-filled times.

I created this guide for you out of my “Build without Burnout” coaching. Inside you'll find a plan and strategies you can implement right now to support you and your business.

Be well, Shawna

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No BS action plan. The 7 P's of Surviving now. Easy-to-implement steps and encouragement for the entrepreneur, no matter what your business looks like.

Hi, I'm Shawna

Entrepreneur & Burnout Coach 

As a business owner, I get where you're at right now. While we can't know what exactly what will happen in the future, I do know that it will never be the same. So, I'm taking all my knowledge as a business coach and what I know about burnout recovery to support you along the way.

Reach out if there's something specific you need. I'm here to support you.

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