You are your greatest asset. Period.

No BS Burnout Prevention & Recovery

It’s about understanding who you are fully; your drivers, your why. It’s digging into your triggers, discovering your blind spots. It’s building awareness that your health is THE most important asset you have. Period. And creating strategies around protecting that.

It’s also about tactical details that help everything run smoothly, keeping you sane. Ditching the late nights Googling answers from strangers, using bubble gum and scotch-tape, then praying it holds together. 

It’s about having like-minded people to turn to for help, and a mentor who is cheerleading, highlighting your strengths, and coaching you on your bullshit.

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Finding Triggers

Do you know your triggers? We all have them, but it’s how aware we are, how tuned in with our bodies and our minds, that makes the triggers super useful information. Once you know your triggers, you have the keys to be able to disarm them and free yourself of the stress it brings on your body, taking its toll on you, fueling your burnout.

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Stop Feeding Yourself BS

Whether it's food, actions, relationships or negative thoughts, there's a reason you're exhausted. We're going to go on an exploration to see which of these habits you should ditch so you can start feeding yourself better.

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Putting You on the List

When, if ever, have you been on the list? Other people's needs and wants always seem to come first and you're left shouldering the brunt of the work. That's the recipe for burnout and we're going to put an end to it.

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The lens in which you see the world creates both your success and failures. You'll become aware of your mindset and how it's affecting your relationships and health, and how to flip the script. 

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Create a Custom Plan 

Everyone's health and wellness journeys are different. What works for one person, may not work for another. By the end of this program you'll know exactly what works for you, and what doesn't, to create your own custom roadmap for health.

"Shawna is the OG Bad Ass. She is a true leader. She cares. She is willing to look at what's not working and shift, asking for support and jumping in where needed.  
Shawna creates space for us all to grow."

—Amber J Lawson, Source Goddess of Goddess Process and Mastermind Member

Are you ready to get out of your own way and reach your full potential?

This program is for those:

Open to Personal Growth
A-Types love control. It's why you've accomplished so much in life. But it's also what got you here, a little battered, bruised and ready to feel good again. You must be open to looking at the hard things and willing to do the work to make change in your life. 

You are committed to your goals and stay accountable, even when it means stretching your comfort zone and trying new things. (If accountability has been a challenge for you in the past, but you’re willing to commit for real, then this mastermind can help.)

Ready for More
This Mastermind isn’t about maintaining the status quo. It’s for people who are ready to stop the hustle and create a life of ease, flow, and less stress.

This mastermind is for women who want to put themselves first and keep it that way for the long haul.

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Shawna Bigby Davis Business and Health Coach
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Your best life awaits

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