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How To Feel Good About Being Mean

How To Feel Good About Being Mean
AKA: How To Have Difficult Conversations

I coach a lot of small business owners, and with women especially, this topic comes up again and again. It’s “How do I not sound mean?” I’m here to tell you, it’s time to call BS on this one. 

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, business owner, an ambitious, driven person, it’s inevitable, you will have to have difficult conversations. 

Conversations about money, letting people go, choosing what’s the best way to move forward for your business. And that last one may mean some career partnerships aren’t going to last. Hey, some personal relationships may not last.

You may start to beat yourself up over figuring out the right thing to say, about when to say it, and if it’s too late to stand your ground. You may be afraid of being labeled as “difficult.” A number of people I’ve consulted struggle with this. 


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