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I share what I know about entrepreneurship, being a woman in business, about healing and treating yourself right. That it’s OK to be both a wreck and on a road of recovery and discovery. 

Ep 03: "The Paleo Mom" Talks Imposter Syndrome & Growing Up Sick


Dr. Sarah Ballantyne aka “The Paleo Mom”  is an award-winning public speaker, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned health expert in the autoimmune community. Dr. Sarah shares what to say when your doctor’s not listening, how to overcome imposter syndrome and strategies to keep you thriving in your career. 


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"To hear so many stories of people who thought they were infertile and had a baby because of my work. Or, thought they were going to die and changed their diet and lifestyle ... I just started crying." - Dr. Sarah Ballantyne 


00:01:28:14 -  “For me, it took 10-12 years [to learn I had an autoimmune disease], but "if I look back it's kind of like my entire life was...

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