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I share what I know about entrepreneurship, being a woman in business, about healing and treating yourself right. That it’s OK to be both a wreck and on a road of recovery and discovery. 

Ep 11: Natalie Kelley: How Ulcerative Colitis Contributed to her Business Success


Natalie Kelley is a holistic health coach, recipe developer, and businesswoman. She’s also the host of the Thrive with IBD podcast. She’s experienced scary and painful moments due to her chronic illness: ulcerative colitis. In this episode, she opens up about how bloat and fatigue plagued her life and how she used to just pass it off as stress. Now, she’s found a way to turn her pain into purpose and is helping others with chronic illnesses like IBD thrive, and she’s just 23 years old.

What We Learn:

00:00:01:31 - Natalie explains what Ulcerative Colitis is

00:00:03:59 - I landed in the hospital.

00:00:06:40 - "I thought I'd never feel better" 

00:00:08:34 - How to run a business with a sickness

00:00:23:18 - How to plan for 60 mins of "you time" daily!

00:00:26:03 - "I know for a while I was so resistant to that change because, in my head, I was like no. That's not my plan, this is my plan. This is what my blog has been about for 4 years, how...

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